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Expert dry cleaners in Essex

Try our shops at Colchester and Manningtree

We can clean any garment

Dazzle Cleans using Hydrocarbon solvent designed for delicate cleaning to help protect your garments whilst giving the best possible clean.  All garments are expertly hand finished and protected with quality packaging to give you the best possible finish. 

dry cleaning

We dry clean the following:

  • All professional business wear 
  • Silk
  • Beaded and decorated fabrics 
  • Formal and evening wear 
  • Military uniforms 
  • Leather and suede 
  • Curtains and home furnishings 
  • Wedding and bridesmaid gowns 

We make it easy for you 

Leave your items with us and we will have them ready for you at the time agreed and let you know by text when they are ready!! 
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